Happy Autumn :)

Welcome to the quiet hailer. Picture a loud hailer. Turn it around. Here we are! Simply because there’s no need to shout. Write home about it by all means but stop all that shouting. I remember a certain English teacher at school claiming that I was too quiet and had no ideas, so I suppose really, Ms. W. this is for you. You and all the people who are too quiet to have ideas- and everyone else too for that matter. If only people would pipe down and take notice of all the excellence quietly poured forth from less loud orifices!

Back to the matter of the quiet hailer: Please enjoy the pictures and the words. Some have been whispered from my pencil, others are a little bolder (I do shout from time to time- I just know how to use the volume dial). When it comes to the words, I have plenty. I aim to write about a wide variety of things, big and small, personal and worldwide. Perhaps if you’d like to know what I think on a particular topic, you can let me know and I’ll conjour up some ideas to chop up small and feed into my quiet hailer.



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