Run with a view: episode 1

Gday! It’s been a long time since I last posted, partly because of living out of a car (and please note that that’s a car not a van), and partly due to being a bit busy doing the whole adventure thing, but here is a nice little travel offering to whet the whistles. Whilst I’m collecting my thoughts and writing some stellar travel pieces (but of course), I will try to give you installments of this new feature. I’m calling it ‘run with a view’, and you can try to guess where the run is taking place (feel free to comment)… or you can await the answer at the start of the next post. Either way, it’s a taste of a different setting (and a way for me to keep fit(ish) in between the long roadtrips where I mostly sit and look out the window at the often unchanging landscape for many hours… Yes- it turns out that Australia is huge.

So here’s the first:



4 thoughts on “Run with a view: episode 1

    • Haha erm no… No secret pregnancies as far as I’m aware! I think that’s unfortunate positioning of the water bottle! Blame the photographer… :p Not an oil plant… It’s actually Sydney Harbour! Parts of it are really ex-industrial. x X x

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