“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”: Helen Keller

Dear blog appreciators,

I find myself, once again, teetering on the brink of an adventure to that charismatic land they call Oz. I’d like to say that I have my bags packed and tickets in hand, but it would be more accurate to say that I have made piles of things and deposited several lists all over the house, containing to-be-collected ticket reference numbers, washing instructions and deadlines in capital letters so that, when I do eventually get on that plane, it won’t be minus my favourite pair of pants or wearing somebody else’s hoodie because mine still has a ketchup stain down the front and is living in the too-recently-rediscovered ‘to-be-washed’ pile. Organisation is key (mine is the chaotic kind).

First of all one must set the correct priorities. For example, I have been out for a drink with the people I tend to see most regularly, spent 2 whole days looking through every box in the attic for stitch on badges of the places I’ve already visited (to no avail), and made some raspberry buns. I still haven’t really looked into travel insurance, actual packing, or the status of my currently-maybe-being-fixed laptop. Come on Hayley (sister and technology specialist), pull your weight here: we’re all on a deadline.

Next, you must do enough personal grooming to keep you looking sort of acceptable over a 6 month period. Suddenly, you will find that you ought to have your hair trimmed (of course I’ve left it too late so Dad- here’s the scissors: do your worst), epilate everything (on the pretence that it won’t all be back next week), and use more mouthwash than is usual (this is just the sort of luxury that you won’t have bag space for).

So here we are. Do not think I have forgotten my quiet hailer. I am merely collecting more delicacies to offer her. If my laptop decides to recover in time then you may expect some en-route travel writing. If it doesn’t… then I shall see you all in 6 months and regale you then.

Until next time, here is a delicious little quote from Lao-Tzu:

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving” (I am quite intent on arriving, so I will grade myself as a medium traveler)

Au revoir my friends! 😀



4 thoughts on ““Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”: Helen Keller

  1. ooooh! I dooo hope that you have me to write when you’re in OZ, …. have a WONDERFUL time and take care, both of you!! Are you going to NZ too???

    LOL Sue

    • Hi Sue! I’m going to try and do a few as i go round whenever time and internet allows! We’d love to do New Zealand but it’s still up in the air at the moment… depends on time and funds! Watch this space… 😀 x X x

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