Simple ways to save the world

Working together we can make a difference

Since I’ve missed a few posts of late, I thought- ‘why not come back with a spiffing collection of ways to save the world?’ So I did! Enjoy my little warriors 😀

  1. Brian Cox once said that if people spent as much money working on solving the nuclear fission problem as American citizens do on dog grooming, we’d probably be there by now. Cox for king! But sensibly, taking the essence of that point a little further, there are so many things we could cut out or cut down on in our lives that could be funding the future/ saving lives/ saving energy that the tiniest of changes to your routine could make such an enormous difference to the world. When people say they can’t be bothered to do this or not do that, never sign online petitions or donate to charities because what difference will it make? I say A LOT. It’s not hard to fathom: if everyone with that mindset offered a penny to a particular cause, that cause would be rolling in pennies in no time at all. Heck, you wouldn’t even know there was a cause under all those pennies!
  2. Have you ever settled yourself down in a public cubicle only to hear the toilet roll dispenser doing rapid loop the loops on the other side of the wall? How much do you actually need in there?! Should I call for help? Don’t use half a roll of toilet paper every time you go. That’s trees that you’re wiping your bottom with: Trees. Calm down and use fewer squares.
  3. I have never understood why we don’t use gyms as generators. It seems so obvious to me that there must be a genuine reason why it isn’t being done… We can actually fight obesity whilst generating some electricity! (High five!) If it isn’t enough to put anything back in the grid then fine, but gyms should at least be self sufficient. Keep pedalling my sweaty darlings or that tv will go off…
  4. All busy spaces should put in those floor tiles that generate a bit of energy with every footfall at the top and bottom of stairs/ in front of doors in shops- imagine if they were in schools or hospitals! Better still, can we have them in our shoes??
  5. Turn off the air con and open the windows! Imagine the difference in energy costs (and how much easier shopping would be at this time of year when you didn’t switch between freezing and fainting hot when you entered and left a store…)
  6. Ban the production of non-biodegradable sanitary wear. Here’s a sticky wicket (eww…) imagine how many sanitary towels a woman gets through in a month and then multiply that by the amount of women in the world. So that’s quite a lot of waste. Wouldn’t it be great if it wasn’t plastic? It feels like there are few options right now; there’s all the reusable washable cups (see Mooncup, Softcup etc), but they’re not for everyone… (believe me, I’ve tried). Why don’t we at least go down the route of making them all biodegradeable? Sounds like a bloody good place to start.
  7. Limit the car allocation for each family to 2 cars maximum. Ban pointlessly large vehicles that guzzle fuel and could easily drive over a vintage mini without noticing (this won’t be popular with some people, but quite frankly: deal with it).
  8. Only use as much energy as you can produce… I can’t help but feel like we’re all living on credit and it’s not the cleverest way to be living. When will we be paying off the massive bill we’re accruing…? Will there be a day when suddenly we all try really hard and can suddenly produce way more energy than we’ve ever managed in the past? I really don’t think there will, so I wonder if perhaps we’re living a little outside of our means…? It’s like burning everything you own and not thinking about that day in the future when your house and everything in it has gone into the fire which is no longer burning and actually, now you think about it, you’re pretty cold and hungry… (better buy another house on credit)
  9. Then there’s the synthetic fibre issue… how many people know about what happens when you wash your synthetic fibres, I wonder? The microscopic fibres find their way into the water cycle and we’re still to understand the effect that that is actually having on us and on other organisms. Can we filter them off? Compress the fibres into sheets or blocks to be burned for fuel? Melted and reused? Or perhaps it’s time to let the manufacturers know that we don’t want any synthetic fibre that is going to malt in this way.
  10. Cut down on packaging and tell your supermarkets/ brands/ local stores that you don’t want the polystyrene and cellophane and bags and boxes! It’s possible and it’s already happening in Berlin (see link!) let’s bring it home! Some things are born in their very own packaging after all. Hello oranges, bananas, mangoes, potatoes, eggs… (You get the picture)
Release your inner warrior (or in this case, superhero) and make a change!

Release your inner warrior (or in this case, superhero) and make a change!

Now I’m going to send these ideas to a variety of companies and see if there’s any interest. Please feel free to do the same and add your own. Go forth, make action! 😀

And here’s a couple of bits of further reading should you so wish…



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