Fierce little rainbows


Some people cannot walk past a Maccy D’s without being drawn inside on the oily salt-waft of chips and the hiss-fizz of a freshly opened can of coke. Others simply have to enter when they see a sale sign in a shop window and those bright red discount tags beckoning and waving in the breeze from a teasing fan. My family can’t resist a good rainbow.

In times of stress, we resort to what we like to call ‘prism therapy’. I suppose it’s a meditation on colour. It is the best way to reel in a rainbow. Whilst we are probably an optician’s worst nightmare, lying on the carpet with our light blue eyes gazing directly into the bright complete visible spectrum, it really is super relaxing. If you want to know pure blue, you need only find yourself a prism and the sunshine. Here you can sample colours in their most absolute.

It’s a joyful thought that all around us, the white light that is bouncing off our surroundings is bursting with hidden colour, simply awaiting translation. And how many little rainbows are playing around empty houses whilst we are all at work, awash in cold and unflattering artificial light? It’s a pleasing thought that they arrive and disappear as they please, like glimpses of another realm or ribbons of ethereal magic.
The other day, I was astonished to happen across a lovely little rainbow just creeping across my lounge carpet. I stopped in my tracks to watch it glow and ebb away in the sun’s wavering beams as they passed through vague cloudy obstacles. It began to glow so fiercely that even though it was dinnertime, and I had an exciting array of freshly grown windowsill produce on my plate (and I’m really not one to prioritise anything over a good overdue meal), I had to put it down and take time to greet the rainbow. I put my head on the floor, shuffled into the beam of colourful light and drank in the absolute vibrancy of colour that had presented itself to me. And my dinner tasted all the better for it.


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