The problem with miniature ears

But it's hard to hear when the headphones don't fit.

But it’s hard to hear when the headphones don’t fit.

I find it hard to believe that my ear-holes are that much smaller than those found on the head of little miss average, but I can only concede that that is the case. Finding headphones to fit my tiny ears is proving to be pretty much impossible. After a lengthy quest and a bit of what can only be described as ear cramming, I have hit a dead end and it’s pretty damn quiet down here.

Am I asking too much to want a pair of headphones with good bass that actually stay in my ears when I go for a run? Well yes, clearly I am. Note to all headphone manufacturers: could you please stop with the idea that people with bigger ears like more bass? We tiny pinnaed creatures love a bit of boom boom too and would love to experience the real power of our bassier numbers without feeling like we’ve been ear-raped. Many thanks.


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