Liberation is a jiffybag of hair

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I have had very long hair for a very long time. I have also been having thoughts about dreadlocks and buzzing shavers for a good few years. So in a moment of rebellion and decisiveness, I threw down my well endowed hairbrush last week, bound up my massive mane into a well restrained ponytail, and headed to the hair salon.

If you fancy a bit of liberation, I really must recommend having someone lop off your ponytail. It’s quite an amazing feeling. Every hairdresser and client in the salon actually stopped what they were doing to watch the heinous crime take place on my head and, if I’m not mistaken, there was an audible gasp at the first snip. Bizarrely, as soon as that plait was laid on the shelf in front of me, it was no longer mine. It became someone else’s hair almost instantaneously, and the thought of it transforming the head of a young cancer patient was a most natural one: it was quite obviously the lost hair of a little princess.

Of course, there’s the ‘shock phase’ to get through. The part where you’re walking past shops and don’t recognise your own reflection in the glass frontages. Where you move your head swiftly and your hair just does the same- there’s no time lag and no pat on the back/whip to the face. The adjustment period can be a little unsettling after that liberation high but rest assured: it passes.

This morning I woke up without the previous day’s concerns that I might look like a little boy. I posted a heavy jiffy bag to the Little Princess Trust and discovered how it feels to have the sun on the back of your neck and to eat outside on a windy day without consuming fistfuls of hair as it breaks and enters your sandwich malevolently and then makes it into the mouth masquerading as some sort of uninvited dental floss. I have long nurtured the suspicion that long hair is not sexy.

Now I have cleaned out my hairbrush for the last time and packed it away. I have vacuumed masses of gold strands out of the carpet for the last time (although rest-assured I will continue to vacuum fluff and other household debris). I have even showered and dried my hair in less than fifteen minutes (a personal record by several hours).

Really, I cannot recommend it enough. I’ve sent my hair to a little princess and become one happy pixie.

If you fancy a change, swing by the Little Princess Trust’s website and see how you can have your excess hair made into a wig for a little princess going through chemotherapy. Visit:


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