Attic Art Treasure

When clearing out the attic, you can come across all sorts of interesting finds. Who knew we had a white christmas tree from the 70’s still lurking up there? Or the wonderful pub skittles inexplicably residing in the eaves? Not to mention all the usual paraphenalia that comes with family life lived pretty comprehensively all under one roof.

My personal favourite treasure however, was the box of artwork that I had compiled throughout my childhood and then abandoned to the confines of the attic when I left for University. I was pretty surprised when I lifted the lid and found some high quality sketches staring back! I was sad to realise that my standards now are lower than they used to be… and I can only put that down to the confines of real life and its creativity stifling circumstances . Once upon a time I didn’t have to spend all my waking hours applying for jobs, washing, cooking or wondering how the hell the rent would get paid. Back then I hadn’t discovered travel, exercise or boys…

Anyway, on the back of this discovery, I vow to make a little time for art everyday. It is just as important as getting the laundry done or making ends meet, and maybe one day I’ll even be able to make a little money off it! (That’s the art, not the laundry.) When I eventually afford to live in my own house with an attic, I want to fill it to the eaves with art treasure boxes to rediscover later when my poor old fingers have withered and weathered and can’t grip a pencil anymore.

I’m off to draw a picture 🙂

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